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Shaanxi pinhon Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Shaanxi pinhong biology is a source production technology enterprise specializing in natural plant monomer, biological fermentation, development, production and sales. The company is committed to the research and development of plant efficacy raw materials and bioactives, and provides efficient and stable solutions for domestic and foreign health supplements, skin care, beauty, daily chemical and other production enterprises.

At the same time, the company maintains close cooperation with colleges and universities, and has an innovative returnee technical team, keen and cutting-edge development concept, stable raw material quality control system, and functional plant raw materials that are ahead of the industry concept.

Pinhong biology has set up a professional product development team to constantly push through the old and bring forth the new, control from the raw material screening link of the product, and use modern technical means to improve and promote the color, purity, solubility, safety uation, product bioavailability, commercial production and other problems of raw materials. At present, the products launched include ergotathione 98%, rosmarinic acid 98%, paeoniflorin 98%, swertiamarin 98%, chlorogenic acid 98%, glycyrrhizin 98%, egcg99% and other series products, which are exported to overseas markets.

Our philosophy

Committed to screening, extraction and application development of natural active ingredients, aiming at customer demand, market direction and cutting-edge science and technology, timely and keenly capture market trends, and constantly launch cutting-edge and high-end active monomers.

We do not create ingredients. We are just pioneers of natural plant ingredients and strive to find suppliers of healthy and stable ingredients that are more healthy, natural, pollution-free and genetically modified and beneficial to mankind.

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